Our Purpose

The Augusta Garden Club is a group of dedicated and energetic people who enjoy the camaraderie of the club and shared interests. Its vitality is apparent from the varied makeup of the membership and the diverse contributions of each individual. The purpose of The Augusta Garden Club is to:

Love of gardening
Civic planting

Love of Gardening

Stimulate the knowledge & love of gardening, promote gardening among amateurs, and share horticultural knowledge


Restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment and encourage conservation of natural resources

Civic Planting

Promote civic planting & roadside beautification and to aid in the restoration & preservation of historic gardens in Virginia


Our Members

Club members include avid gardeners with a depth of horticultural knowledge, creative and talented flower arrangers, and leaders in the field of conservation. Following the tradition of its founders, members delight in sharing knowledge with each other through flower arranging classes, flower shows, horticulture exhibits, educational programs open to the public, and club programs.


Our History

In 1919, twelve women of Staunton and Augusta County interested in organizing a garden club met and drafted a Constitution and Articles of Incorporation for the Augusta Garden Club which stated:

“The purpose for which the club is formed shall be the study and culture of flowers, and the study of landscape gardening and allied subjects.”

The Augusta Garden Club was one of the charter members of the Garden Club of Virginia, which was organized in May 1920. Seven years later, the club joined the Garden Club of America, and it continues to enjoy a close affiliation with both organizations.

Three members, Emily Smith (1928-30), Lee Cochran (1972-74), and Deedy Bumgardner (2004-06) have served as the GCV President and numerous other members have held other positions within the Garden Club of Virginia and the Garden Club of America.

Club mission

The intent of the Club’s original mission remains today with an expanded focus in the following areas:

Our Projects

The Club achieves its mission through support of many local projects.