September 19 Flower Show Information


Attached is the FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULE for our September 19 show.  You will see we have selected arrangements similar to what we believe our first members would have created 100 years ago when there was much scarcity following WWI.  The arrangements are not complicated and are intended to be enjoyable to create. Hint: don't procrastinate in submitting your entry because I hear they are coming in quickly!

Also attached is our agreed definition of NOVICE and a NEW POINT SYSTEM for team arranging.  Another attachment is the ENTRY FORM for you to complete and bring with you to the show.

Marie Thomas and Nancy Collins are arranging a Flower Design Workshop to be held in Marie's garage on Tuesday, September 11.  Marie and Linda Holden will demonstrate the steps in creating each of the designs to be represented in our September show.  Don't miss this event! It will be great.  Marie will soon be sending you more information about the workshop.

Entering a Flower Show really is fun and makes the whole experience much more interesting.  Our primary focus is to make this an enjoyable, educational event with our friends.  And, remember, you don't get points unless you enter. 


Jane, Ellen, and the Flower Show Committee

Flower Show Committee:  Kathy Bishop, Sherry Bourgeois, Rish Capps, Bev Coffman, Coedelia Gary, Beth Rowe, Carroll Weatherman, Sheila Carmichael

Study Group/Workshop Committee:  Marie Thomas, Nancy Collins

Definitions and Points for AGC Flower Shows
Floral Design Entry Card

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