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I thought our AGC members might enjoy this email from Monticello- it's very interesting and informative.  And they have some great gardening events coming up!  The post can also be found at

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Bluebirds Thriving at Monticello’s
Center for Historic Plants
Bluebird at Monticello
For those who have visited the Center for Historic Plants at Jefferson’s Tufton Farm, you have probably caught glimpses of our resident Eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis). Tufton Farm provides ideal managed habitat for bluebirds with its abundance of pastures, fence perches and variety of tree species that provide food for birds through fall and winter. Recently, volunteer Jamie McConnell built, donated and installed “Carl Little” bluebird boxes that are scattered about Tufton Farm.  Within one week of installation, these structures were already hosting bluebird eggs that later hatched. Now, these boxes support thriving baby bluebirds. Read Keith Nevison’s full post on our HHF Speakers Blog.

Learn more about our new bluebird boxes and hatchings!

Join Samin Nosrat at the Heritage Harvest Festival
Bluebird at Monticello
Join us on September 22 to meet Samin Nosrat, who penned the James Beard award-winning best-seller, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking. The Chez Panisse alum’s teaching revolves around the simple idea that to be a great cook, all you need to know is how to control the four elements of her book title. Nosrat will be interviewed by our honorary festival chair, acclaimed Atlanticfood writer Corby Kummer. The two connoisseurs of the cooking world plate up secrets, experiences and a shared passion for bringing the best to your table! Nosrat’s talk is included with the Heritage Harvest Festival’s General Admission ticket.

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Joel Salatin's Perfect Locavore
Joel Salatin
With the track record in longevity and scale Polyface Farm has enjoyed, people are often startled to hear Joel Salatin say that the farm’s limitation is marketing. With an abundance of media and national name recognition, most folks think customers just appear on the Polyface doorstep. They don’t. Who keeps farms like Polyface solvent? In his Saturday talk at the Heritage Harvest Festival, Salatin looks at the characteristics of the perfect locavore and considers the privilege and responsibility of participating in local food systems that empower people to get off the bleachers and play in this important game. A challenging topic, delivered with a strong dose of Salatin-style hilarity. Salatin’s talk is included with the festival’s General Admission ticket.

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Visit Monticello's New Virtual Garden Explorer
Monticello Garden Explorer
A 2014 grant from the Americana Foundation allowed Monticello’s garden curators to begin mapping and documenting the Monticello landscape and our living plant collections. The Monticello Garden Explorer enables you to access our database. Use the Map feature to zoom in on a specific location and see all the plants in that area. Find specific plants in the garden by using the Search function with either the scientific or common names or plant family.

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